Revised course "Proficiency Training High Performance Computing"

Revised course "Proficiency Training High Performance Computing"

We are pleased to offer our basic HPC course “Proficiency Training High Performance Computing” (ProTHPC) in a revised form.

The course has been optimized and adapted to the current needs of HPC users. It now consists of four independent modules, all of which are scheduled to be held twice a year. 

Previously, the course had been a compact five-day workshop. Content was removed during the revision - such as the "Debugging with TotalView" module. However, we still offer this as an online tutorial.

Instead, the newly designed module "HPC Workflows" was added, which will be held for the first time on March 18, 2024. This module provides techniques for efficient workflow management for HPC cluster computing environments. Participants will learn how to organize, upload, preprocess, compute, and post-process in a structured manner to optimize resource utilization and enhance computational efficiency.

All modules at a glance:

About ProTHPC

ProTHPC offers researchers and students in academia an introduction to respective topics promoting efficient and successful work on HPC clusters.

All courses consist of lectures, supplemented with practical exercises. They will be held in English and entirely online as a web conference. ProTHPC is free for all academic participants.

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