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Hessian research on HPC

Research Videos

Short videos give an introduction to Hessian research on high performance computing

Research Video

Teamwork in Organic Chemistry: Tunneling Effect

The research of Henrik Quanz, M. Sc. and André K. Eckhardt, M. Sc. focuses on the quantum mechanical tunneling effects. Theoretical and experimental research approaches go hand in hand to study these effects. Both scientists are staff members at the Institute of Organic Chemistry at the Justus Liebig University Giessen.

published: June 2018

Peter Schober, M. Sc.

Peter Schober, M. Sc., is a research assistant at the Chair or Investment, Portfolio Management and Pension Finance (head: Professor Maurer) at  the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and investigates about optimal saving and investment decisions of private households over their life cycle. Read more about the use of high performance computing in his research.

published: July 2017