Online tutorial Lichtenberg Cluster

New online tutorial "Introduction to the Lichtenberg Cluster" now available

Once a month, the Hessian Competence Center for High Performance Computing (HKHLR) offers, currently via Zoom, an introduction to the use of the Lichtenberg Cluster. Now the introduction is also available as an online tutorial.

The new tutorial can thus be accessed at any time - on the HKHLR website in the "Tutorials" section.

The 16-minute tutorial explains what actually distinguishes the high performance computer from a normal desktop PC, shows how to login and use the module system, and explains the Slurm batch system. Practical timestamps make it possible to jump to the individual sections.

Lichtenberg 2 Cluster

The Lichtenberg 2 Cluster at TU Darmstadt is a high-performance computer of the medium performance class (Tier-2). It has a heterogeneous architecture including large-memory nodes, accelerator systems with dedicated NVIDIA GP-GPUs, and several DGX A100 systems to support modern AI research.

The cluster is open to scientists from all universities and public research institutions in Germany. Computing resources are granted through a science-led allocation process.