Informatica Feminale: Introduction to High Performance Computing

Informatica Feminale: Introduction to High Performance Computing

From August 6 to 24, 2018 the University of Bremen in Germany will host the 21st International Summer University for Women in Computing, the Informatica Feminale.

Dr. Vanessa End from GWDG and Dr.-Ing. Dörte Sternel from HKHLR will give an introductory course about HPC, for female students, at the Informatica Feminale:

Supercomputers, Top 500, ExaFLOPS – is the world of high performance computing (HPC) an unreachable ivory tower? From the big bang to climate research, automotive simulations, simulations of the human vascular system, molecular-dynamic computations for the creation of new materials or language analytics: HPC plays a significant role in almost all research disciplines.

What are the methods of using this technology? What are the potentials of the applications and what are the challenges in the usage of supercomputers and HPC clusters?

The course will give an overview on the these questions, introducing the basic theory on parallel computing architectures and programming paradigms. This newly won knowledge will be deepened by accompanying practical exercises.


Credit Points (ECTS): with assignment 1 (without grading) 

Target group: students of computer sciences, and from engineering with a basic knowledge of C. Experience with the bash command line would be helpful.

More information is available at the program of informatica feminale - coursenumber: IF SOF 01

SPPEXA offer grants for travel and accommodation to support students who want to join the course. For more information, please contact Dörte Sternel.