HKHLR-Tutorial: Debugging with TotalView

HKHLR-Tutorial: Debugging with TotalView

Debugging is an essential part of software development and application. The advantages of a debugger compared to "printf-debugging" is often underappreciated.  TotalView is a powerfull tool which helps to find "sophisticated bugs" in parallel jobs very fast, but also for small problems it is a very helpful, timesaving tool.

TotalView is installed on all hessian HPC-cluster, and is available for all hessian researchers.

This course consists of lectures supplemented with pratical exercises.

Topics are

  • basic usage
  • debugging parallel codes
  • Advanced features
    • core dump files
    • attach to a hung process
    • array visualizer

Basic knowledge of Fortran or C is necessary to follow the lectures and excercises.

The participation is free of charge. The course iat 22th of June is fully booked. If you like to be on the waiting list,  send a short note at



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