Cluster Introductory Course to Goethe-HLR and FUCHS

Cluster Introductory Course to Goethe-HLR and FUCHS

CSC/HKHLR offers an introduction to the Goethe-HLR & FUCHS cluster on March 20th 2020, start at 10:00 am. It will take place at Giersch Science Center, Room 0|07+0|08.


Cluster Facts

In this session we will present some interesting facts and characteristics of Goethe-HLR & FUCHS cluster.

  • Hardware resources
  • File system
  • Environments Modules
  • Partitions on the clusters
  • Architecture of the partitions

Batch Scheduling

SLURM is the job scheduler installed on Goethe-HLR & FUCHS cluster.

  • Introduction to SLURM (*S*imple *L*inux *U*tility for *R*esource *M*anagement)
  • Basic SLURM usage (SLURM commands)
  • Resource management
  • Job submission (sbatch, salloc + srun)
  • CPU management
  • Creating a parallel Job
  • HOW-TO-SLURM (login, submitting and monitoring of batch scripts examples)

Additionally the session teaches:

  • how to prepare a submission script
  • how to submit, monitor, and manage jobs on the clusters
  • theory about resource and CPU management

SPACK Package Manager

  • Basic Installation Guide
  • Configuration facts
  • Package Creation Tutorial
  • Environment Setup
  • Developer Workflow Guide

The participation of the workshop is free. Training sessions are delivered in English.

If you wish to participate, please send an email until March 16th 2020 to We cordially welcome you to the course.