Software - Ansys


General Information

ANSYS is an engineering software, which embrace several solvers:

  • ANSYS structures is a finite element strucutural analysis tool
  • ANSYS CFX is a finite volume flow solver
  • ANSYS Fluent  is a finite volume flow solver.

More Information:


You can run ANSYS only, when you have access to a valid license - this is handled via a license manager.

For running it in parallel, you need a research- and an HPC-license. 

At Lichtenberg Cluster Darmstadt, please respect the information about the use of Ansys at TU Darmstadt:

ANSYS on HPC-Clusters

Productivity runs on an HPC-clusters should be done via the scheduler, this means no interactive use of the GUI. You can prepare your calculation on your work station, or on one of the login nodes. 

If you have no, or only basic experience with the batch system, please contact our experts: