Software - Applications


  • C - Cluster-wide installation
  • U - User installation
  • x.x.xx - Cluster-wide installation, latest version number
Software Description Lichtenberg
MaRC 2
Linux Cluster
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Abaqus Finite elements analysis 2019   C    
ABINIT DFT suite 8.11.1        
ADF Computational chemistry   U      
AMBER /Amber Tools QM/MD-molecular simulation   C   C  
ANSYS CFD / Structures CFD / CSM / Multiphysics 20.1   C   HKHLR-Info
Autodock Vina Molecular docking   C      
BLAST Sequence similarity search   C      
Bowtie Genome alignment and analysis   C   C  
BWA Sequence mapping   C      
cDNA-Cupcake DNA sequence analysis   C      
CMTK Computational morphometry toolkit   C      
COMSOL CFD, CSM, Multiphysics U   C    
Emboss Bioinformatics toolkit   C      
FastME Phylogeny inference   C      
Gaussian Computational chemistry   U C    
GÉANT         C  
GROMACS Quantum chemistry 2019.4 C      
Jellyfish k-mer counting   C      
LAMMPS Molecular dynamics 2019.08.07   U    
Matlab Numerical computing environment R2019a C C    
Meep Electromagnetics   C C    
Minimap Sequence alignment   C      
MPB Meep photonic bands   C C    
MRBayes Inference   C      
NAMD Molecular dynamics package   C      
NWChem Computational chemistry 6.8.1 C C    
OpenCV Image recognition   C      
OpenFOAM Solver framework for continuum mechanics 1912        
OpenMolcas Quantum chemistry package 20190507        
ORCA Quantum chemistry package   C C    
Proj Geo protection library   C      
Proteinortho Orthology detection   C      
Quantum Espresso Compuational chemistry and materials modeling 6.5.0 C      
S4 Stanford stratified structure solver   C      
Samtools Sequence alignment   C      
SMRTAnalysis DNA sequence analysis   C      
Tinker Molecular dynamics   C      
ToFU2 DNA sequence analysis   C      
Tophat Read mapper for RNA sequences   C      
TrinityRNASeq RNA sequence anlysis   C      
Turbomole Quantum chemistry   U      
VASP Atomic scale material modeling U U     HKHLR-Info
Velvet Sequence assembler   C      
ViennaRNA RNA secondary structures prediction and comparison 2.4.14