Introductory to MaRC 2 Cluster

Einführungsveranstaltung für neue Nutzerinnen und Nutzer des MaRC 2 Cluster

MaRC 2 User Meeting and Cluster Introduction

Unfortunately, there was not an option to accommodate for everyone - if anyone of those who are unable to attend is in need of a general introduction on how to work on the MaRC2 cluster, I can always schedule a one-to-one appointment.
Reminder: If you did not participate in the poll, you are nevertheless welcome to join us! If you have any colleagues or students who are just starting HPC projects on the cluster, consider sending them our way!

The introduction part will take roughly an hour (i.e. 10:00-11:00), and anyone who wants to attend *only* the user meeting / discussion part can join us at approximately 11:00.

For the end of the introduction part I have prepared two (very short) optional hands-on examples. If you'd like to try these out, you will need a laptop with an ssh client (either Windows with Putty, MobaXTerm, or any other ssh client installed, or Linux/MacOS), a working WLAN configuration for connecting to the University WLAN (eduroam/staff/students), and a staff/students account which is allowed to access the MaRC2 cluster.